Construction Site Storage Containers

Store Your Equipment In A Lockable Storage Container On Site

Looking For Save Time And Money For Your Business?

MI-BOX works with Contractors every day.

We go the extra mile to help your business! We realize that wastes time and money to haul your construction equipment between each job site or even packing up at the end of each day. Why not rent construction site storage containers from MI-BOX Calgary and leave your equipment on site in a weather resistant lockable container.

You’re in luck! Because MI-BOX is your locally owned and operated storage company. We care about the operation of your business so we’re flexible, if you need to rent the storage container for extended periods of time or to move the container between locations we can help! MI-BOX stores, picks up, and delivers whenever you need.


Get your own MI-BOX unit delivered right to your address!


Load your MI-BOX unit at your own pace, or we can help you!


When you're done, our team delivers the container to the next location!

MI-BOX Understands That Time Is Money!

Our storage containers are tough and easily withstand Calgary’s tough conditions.

  • Your employees have access to tools quickly
  • Use our durable containers to reduce the risk of theft
  • Flexible access to your storage container – hours that fit your schedule
  • We will move your container to the next job site when you have finished

How Contractors Use On-Site Storage:

  • Store tools and safety equipment
  • Use this as a lunch break room
  • Store records and safety documents
  • Access to everything you need at any time of the day

Store your items inside our portable storage containers and keep them on site, even if you have seasonal equipment you can store this at our storage facility.

All storage containers are kept level during loading and unloading to safely protect all of your stored items. Scheduling is fast and easy, so contact us today for competitive prices and exceptional service.